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Running with Wolves

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 Wolf Rule :
Howl Often

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Explore that primal connection to the wild self.

A London based line of artisanal jewellery and objects, inspired by the dulcet hues of the Austrian Alps and the casual vibes of Southern California, Dr Estés’ ‘Women who ran with the wolves’, and the concept of the Bruce Lipton’s ‘Biology of Belief’.

Focusing above all on supporting, reclaiming and rejoicing the primal and instinctual nature. Each piece is made with craftsmanship excellence and carries an attitude – radiating confidence, translating the journey of personal growth into somewhat ‘time-worn’ and ‘imperfect’ design elements.



5% of net sales from the collection "Running with Wolves" will go to Wolf Connection, a sanctuary that is home to over twenty wolf-dogs in California, US.

Wolf Connection believes, and so do we, that the deep understanding of our relationships with animals and the environment is paramount in our development as individuals, productive societies, and sustainable civilisation on this planet. Wolf Connection is a unique educational sanctuary that brings people together through a direct relationship with rescued wolves to empower the next generation to become authentic leaders and stewards of the earth.

Every design is engraved with the slogan “Wolf It” on the back of it, a gentle reminder to discover and keep connected with the wild spirit.