WØLF creates soulful jewellery and objects with integrity. Amulets made to remind you about the primal connection to your wild, true self.

Who is Wolf?

A mix of Alpine heritage and a California laid-back; hugely inspired by nature, wolves and metamorphosis. Part human, part animal, with a rock ‘n’ roll edge.

My vision is to inspire people on their journey to reconnect with their inner strength, live a passion driven life which happens outside of the comfort zone.

What is the mission of the brand?

We are all born knowing we are unique and lovable. However, in response to a value system that trivializes emotional truth and intuitive wisdom, we start to listen more to voices around us than trust our own, and we get stuck in auto-pilot.

There are no shortcuts in personal growth. It’s not particularly innovative. To be honest, it is damn difficult to stay on track when life gets in the way.

We often can’t simply run away from daily routines as much as we would like to. But we can wear a piece of jewellery or have an object on our office table, that reminds us of our inner wild; the idea of seeing into one's original nature to convert into designs.

Where did it begin?

WØLF Studios hatched from an exploratory contemporary art and jewellery practice, and it’s a consequence of a time of nomadic lifestyle and ruthless transitions.

I thought about the tattoos I got, helping me through tough times and that lead me to a less intrusive idea: the amulet said to be the oldest form of jewellery. Our earliest ancestors ascribed meaning and magic to feathers, bones, stones, and even tree barks. They wore or carried these “amulets” (jewellery or object) for protection or to enhance their strength, courage or sexual attraction.

I started to learn in LA what the craft was all about, experimenting with wax casting, chatting with artisans there. I don't have goldsmith education. It’s crazy. But I have been working in luxury goods for the best part of 7 years, and a have a Masters in Design Study from Saint Martins.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Travel, nature, conversations, Bruce Lipton’s work and the book “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés; the sound of Wolfmother, Rival Sons, The Rolling Stones and Tash Sultana; my dad's sense for adventures, women like Tasya van Ree and Linda Rodin, my family’s history…

The core idea of this passion project is similar to I Scream Factory, which stems from my family's history of making ice cream since 1879. However, my other grandfather was very much a wild spirit and a cinematographer on expedition movies in Africa, China, India, South America, and the Pacific Islands. Later he was a producer of documentaries in Tyrol (Austria) and co-directed films such as Lowlands and Bergkristall. Through him, I developed a deep respect and fascination for Mother Earth, something that is very present in the brand.

How do you feel about production?

Authenticity and creative originality is key to me. I would like to see the pieces cherish as works of art for decades and even to be passed on.

I love the magic of collaborations and hence explore to work with friends and partners around the world. The on-demand manufacturing contributes to a more sustainable small-batch production cycle.

It is a very agile way of doing things; this means that I currently work in test patches with goldsmiths in Vienna, Munich, and London to figure out what suits the brand best; aiming to share details in a very transparent way, once everything is running smoothly.

What makes you happy?

Being present in the moment of something. Which often involves nature, working out, friends and family.

What is the sexiest way to wear jewellery?

On the skin, with a nonchalant attitude, and the confidence that comes with being connected to yourself. My personal favourite is currently the new Kaiser pendant in silver worn on a long golden vintage chain.

Why do all of this?

My vision is to inspire people on their journey to reconnect with their inner strength, live a passion driven life and embrace that growth happens outside of the comfort zone.

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