WØLF is a brand with a mission to create soulful products with integrity, that function as a gentle reminder to explore and furthermore, to keep that primal connection with the wild spirit inside each one of us.

It bridges the casual vibes of California with a distinctly European aesthetic and Alpine heritage.

We are all born knowing we are unique and lovable. However, in response to a value system that trivialises emotional truth and intuitive wisdom, we start to follow the rules and focus on survival.

The designs aim to bring clarity, creativity and authenticity back to oneself.  



With headquarters in London and the design language of a nomadic lifestyle, WØLF is collaborating with artists, designers and craftsman around the world.

A community inspired by wolves, the charming and gentle beings, that are teaching us a great deal about respect, kindness, leadership and partnership.

“It is very limited and curated. It’s just my version of things. It’s a wolf thing.” — Alexandra Plesner, founder